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Mr Boston


Mr Boston - zdjęcie Mr Boston - zdjęcie nr 242286

Mr Boston

Adres:ul. Lelewela 2 Miasto:42-200 Częstochowa Tel:+48695267866

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Oceń lokal Ogólna ocena: 8.39 / 10

Redakcja nie ponosi odpowiedzialności za wypowiedzi Internautów opublikowane na stronach serwisu oraz zastrzega sobie prawo do redagowania, skracania bądź usuwania komentarzy zawierających treści zabronione przez prawo, uznawane za obraźliwie lub naruszające zasady współżycia społecznego.

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Lokal ma swój urok, jest klimatyczny, wszystko fajnie ALE dlaczego pozwalają palić w przejściu???!!! całe ubrania później śmierdzą papierosami!!! niestety ale to był jednorazowy mój wypad do tego lokalu a szkoda....

Ceny, ceny, ceny

Gdyby nie ceny, to byłby mój ulubiony pub w Częstochowie. Dobre drinki, można palić, fajna muzyka, świetny wystrój, ale ceny mnie bolą. ;) Jakkolwiek, polecam!!!


tIPApo xmpddhwrjbrk


[I chopped the coemmnt in two, it was definitely too long otherwise.]4. => define, expel, purgeMichael expel get rid' is not too far away from definition-by-pleonasms. So I'll give you some yes-or-no questions [with my own answers in the brackets]:A) An innocent Jew, persecuted by the system: he lost his job. Advised to go abroad. Thinks warmly of Poland, has friends here etc, doesn't want to leave, but then reconsiders: no more of this anti-Semitic barking, I've got kids, what future can this wretched system offer them, economy is sounder in, where was it, Sweden. He decides to go. Is he expelled?[No.] He's a hesitant, reluctant but eventually own-mind-made-up migrant.B) A not so innocent Jew, a criminal in fact, wants to abscond from justice, either escaping present intra-regime's justice or anticipating post-regime's justice. He decides to go. Is he expelled?[No.] He's a criminal migrant.C) A Jew, persecuted by the system: he lost his job. Offered another or yet another by friends who dared oppose the system. He doesn't take new jobs, as it hits him that Western pensions are better than Polish, capitalism is better than socialism, plus the halo of the political refugee promises a nicer future than this tedious daily routine get at five o'clock to work (especially if, gods forbid, work should not be intellectual paper-shuffling, but something more, ehm, physical). Is he expelled?[No.] He's an economic migrant.D) A Jew wants to fight Arabs, there's a war, there may be another He wants to go to Israel, join the Isareli army and fight for his true country. Is he expelled?[No.] He's a national migrant.I don't know why you refuse considering answers to “was it possible to stay in Poland anyway”? under the conditions of the time, this is irrelevant.The answer is crucial to how I think. Unless in face of some real and present danger (less like SB's officer's suggestions, more like SS rifleman's gunpoint), if given no space whatsoever for family meditations, weighing pros and cons, making a decision and with no hope for sheer existence in Poland (for lack of any job, lack of any home, hence death by cold, starvation or such), when choice was made consciously, there's no expellee in question. Otherwise, we'd have to think that the recent Polish wave to the Isles is expellees (but what would the purge be then?).Ironically (not), Britannica says : Within a decade economic reform slowed down, the activity of the church was circumscribed, and intellectuals were subjected to pressures. Demonstrations by students in favour of intellectual freedom led to reprisals in March 1968 that brought to an end the so-called “little stabilization” that Gomulka had succeeded in achieving. Ever more autocratic in his behaviour, Gomulka became involved in an “anti-Zionist” campaign that resulted in purges within the party, administration, and army. Thousands of people of Jewish origin emigrated.Emigrated. I think that's the proper word.

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